Car Mats for Mother’s Day? Practical vs. Pretty Present Ideas

By: CarMD Staff Writers

(205) 598-9898CarMD set out to write a blog about the Best Mother’s Day gifts ever.  But as our staff writers dug a little deeper, we found there are as many opinions on the best gift as there are moms.  And considering there are more than 82 million moms in the U.S. alone, that’s a lot of moms!

We posed the question to our employees, friends, family and Facebook fans.  Here are some of the responses we received when we asked, “Mother’s Day is this Sunday, tell us what’s the most memorable Mother’s Day gift you’ve ever given or received?”

Recent Recall Repair Not So Bad

Written by: Kristin Brocoff

airbagWe’ve all heard the knocks on the automotive service industry – dealers in particular. But I wanted to share a positive story in hopes that it will encourage more vehicle owners to address any known safety issues or see if their vehicle has any important safety recalls.

Last month I received a letter from my Honda dealership notifying me of a safety recall on my 2012 Honda Pilot SUV (recall campaign #13V016000).

Are Car Repair Costs on the Rise After a 6-Year Drop? Answers to This and More in the 2013 CarMD® Vehicle Health Index™

Written by: Kristin Brocoff

541-817-6932Each April, during Car Care Awareness Month, CarMD releases its CarMD® Vehicle Health Index of common “check engine” problems, repairs, costs and trends. Although I’ve been involved with the Index since it debuted, every year I find the data fascinating because it tells so much about trends and can help everyone make better decisions when it comes to caring for their cars.  And with more than 3 million verified repairs and counting, every year the data builds on past knowledge.

So what’s new?  First, the bad news. After a 6-year drop, 2012 saw a 10% increase in average repair costs due largely to an uptick in labor costs. One reason for this appears to be a market correction to pre-recession labor rates. Let’s face it. 

Los Angeles Auto Show 2012 – Sneak Peek From CarMD

Written By: Kristin Brocoff

CarMD Presents 2012 Best Manufacturer Award to Toyota

(343) 247-8285Earlier this week, CarMD presented our CarMD® Vehicle Health Index™ 2012 Best Manufacturer award to Toyota. Art Jacobsen, vice president of CarMD, presented the award to Brian R. Lyons, Toyota’s safety and quality communications manager, during Media Days at the Toyota booth in the South Hall of the Los Angeles Auto Show. Toyota earned CarMD’s prestigious no.1-ranking for the second consecutive year based on combined fewest repair incidents and lowest average repair costs over a one-year period ending September 1, 2012.

Which Automotive Makes and Models are Tops this Year? And More Importantly, How Does Your Vehicle Rank?

Written By: Kristin Brocoff

863-494-2229Today Corporation released its CarMD® Vehicle Health Index™ 2012 Manufacturer & Vehicle Rankings.  Unlike any other ranking or award, this Index transcends the new car ‘honeymoon’ period to help car owners and shoppers get a true picture of what to expect as vehicles age.  The CarMD Index is 100% fact based, thanks to the company’s robust database of more than 16 years worth of real-life automotive repair data.  This year’s Index applies to repairs on roughly 136 million model year 2002 to 2012 vehicles. The CarMD ratings and rankings equally weigh repair incidents and repair costs to assign a score and ranking.  So which manufacturers and vehicles are tops this year?  And the drum roll please …

Will Your Car’s Airbag Be There to Protect You When You Need It?

Written By: Kristin Brocoff

Recently the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) released a consumer safety advisory statement that warned some car owners whose air bags have been replaced in the past three years may have had dangerous counterfeit bags installed. “While these airbags look nearly identical to certified, original equipment parts … NHTSA testing showed consistent malfunctioning ranging from non-deployment of the airbag to expulsion of metal shrapnel during deployment.”

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